As you read the contents of this Memories section you will see that there is room for all kinds of things. We invited a few people to start us off.  Your memories might mean a lot to, and provide enjoyment for other people – especially those who no longer live around Ballinacree.  We invite you to send us something, long or short. You may say ‘Ah! I’m not much good at writing!’  Do the best you can and if editing is needed we (at the website) can look after that.  You can send your piece by email to:  Photographs are also welcome. They can be scanned and returned.

Your Memories so far


The Road to School:  Christina Stubbs (Tiny Gilsenan), 2020

Songs of Praise and Hope:  Anne Fanning, 2020

The Shop in the Town:  Brendan Smith, Ballinacree, 2020

Miracles or just coincidence?  Vincent Coyle (Dungimmon), Dublin, 2020

Donkey Derby:  Brendan Smith, Ballinacree, 2020

A Christmas Away:  Fr Alo Connaughton, Ballinacree, 2020

I Remember:  Michael Egenton (Moylagh),New Jersey, USA, 2020

Pat – The Merchant, 1920 – 1997:  Elizabeth Doyle (Brown), 2019

How didja get over the Christmas?  Vincent Coyle, Dublin, 2018

Dailin’ in the town Vincent Coyle (Dungimmon), Dublin, 2018

After Dinner Entertainment:  Tom Heery (Tubrid), Tullamore, 2018

Our First Radio:  Brendan Smith, Ballinacree, 2018

Paddy Browne: Sr Nancy Clarke (Cullentra), Galway, 2018

Maggie Fox: Fr Alo Connaughton (Ballinacree), Thailand/China, 2018

Mind them hens: Frank Smith, Ballinacree, 2018

Dungimmon – Light Years Ahead: Declan Coyle, 2016

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