For those that are not familiar with the area, it lies in the North West corner of County Meath bordering on counties Cavan and Westmeath. It is part of the united parish of Mountnugent and Ballinacree. The Mountnugent part is in Co Cavan. Some of the parish is also in Co Westmeath. The entire parish is in the diocese of Meath. (Despite this cultural mix the natives live in healthy harmony, except occasionally in the months of July or August when football fever is sometimes diagnosed).


Ballinacree Historical Society                                               Email Us:  ballinacree.history@gmail.com

Ballinacree Historical Society was started in 1999 with a simple view of collecting the history, heritage and folklore of the Ballinacree area.  The meetings over the years were open to all and it could be said that is has been a great success.  The enthusiastic members have collected and archived a great amount of historical material.

After hosting “Images of Ballinacree” a fascinating collection of photos and documents covering life in the area during the 20th century,  many people, particularly those from Ballinacree who live abroad often asked if it would be possible to have the material exhibited again.  This web site has been one of the answer to these requests.

Some of the other ways that some of the material in the archives have been brought to you was the publication of ‘Stories from around Ballinacree’ and the various talks over the years. Some of the material is also available in Ballinacree Heritage room.


Ballinacree History Website

This website was started in 2001 to share with people overseas who once resided in Ballinacree or whose ancestors came from the area some of the material in the archives.  This site is the product of voluntary effort of a few people from Ballinacree.

Over the years the archive has grown and it now includes not just the photographs from the exhibitions in 2000, 2003, and 2006 but material from talks, interviews from the older generation some of whom are no longer with us, and transcripts of the school roll books.

In its 18 years the website has recorded thousands of visitors from all five continents of the world.  Many stories and memories have been shared and family contacts made.  The old photographs especially, which bring back happy memories, are of great interest to people who once lived in Ballinacree.  But present day residents also show a great interest in the site.

This website, which has been revamped in 2018, brings all the old favorites but also new pages containing articles of historical interest and also some of the historical material from the pages of ‘Stories from around Ballinacree’.

Many photos have come our way, since the exhibitions, from many people – too numerous to mention – and we hope to feature some of these in the future. We would also welcome any articles of local historical interest from the readers of this website.

We plan on updating the website on a regular basis, so please check back often.

Email Us:  ballinacree.history@gmail.com


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