Ballinrink Church

Prior to the erection of the present chapel in Ballinacree (the one demolished in 1959) the place of worship was in the townland of Ballinrink.  The walls of the building still stand and traces of a small gallery may be seen.  The inside measurements are 36′ x 22′ and a corner stone bears a crest similar to the one on the tombstone of Father Bartholmew O’Reilly in Killeagh graveyard.  The O’Reillys are said to have been landlords of Ballinrink and to have given the site of the church.  A tablet in Ballinacree church has the inscription;

 Pray for the souls of Bryan and Margaret Reilly, late of Balinrink
in this parish where they lived 44 years man and wife blessed
with every conjugal happiness and in the goodwill of their
neighbours.  They did all the good they could and injured no
man.  He died the 6th of September 1749 aged 82 years.  she
died 30th November 1755 aged 72 years.
Requiescand in Pace

Of the chapel at Ballinrink, Dr. Plunket wrote in his diary 6th July 1780: “The chapel  tolerably well, except the altar-step, which wants reparation and the floor, which might easily be made smoother and more even by the removal of some pointed stones and by levelling of some parts of the ground.  Some panes  of glass appeared broken…  The crucifix on the altar not the best in the world.
From Cogan’s History of the Diocese of Meath

The present chapel of Ballinacree was built by Fr Brady in 1825.  Later improvements included the addition of the apse in 1872, a new floor, seats and a new altar and rails.  The bell was given by Fr. Thomas O’Reily, a native of the parish in 1856.
From Cogan’s History of the Diocese of Meath

Ballinrink Chapel

Ballinrink Chapel


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