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Date:  Friday, 31 August 2018
Name:  John Egerton, Erin, Ontario, Canada  Email:

James Gibbons / Gibbens, taken in Acton, 1900

James Gibbons / Gibbens, taken in Acton, 1900

Comment:  I am attaching a photo of my 2nd great grandfather JAMES GIBBONS, sometimes referred to as GIBBENS.  He was born in the parish of BALLINACREE, in the townlands of TUBRID on May 21st 1819.  On April 19th 1832 along with his parents, siblings, and good family friends the MCCANN’s they sailed to Canada.  The GIBBONS and MCCANN families settled in the vicinity of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The town  was called ACTON, now part of HALTON HILLS.

I  don’t know a whole lot about Tubrid.  On James’ gravestone is was recorded as TUBRIC which threw me off for a while.  His parents and other families from your parish all settled in a location now called DUBLIN LINE after the Irish settlers.  The McCanns and other families that came to Ontario likely still have ancestors in the area.  These families donated land, material, and hard labour to erect the first catholic church and cemetery in the area.

The photo was taken in the fall of 1900 in ACTON.

Date:  Wednesday, 29 August 2018
Name:  Pauline Spelman (nee Browne), United Kingdom  Email:

Comment:  Hello there, I’m always interested in the history. My Dad grew up in halfcarton and I used to spend the summer holidays there as a child; I have such fond memories. I still visit from time to time. My Uncle still lives in halfcarton. I live in Coventry. My Dad moved to Coventry in late 1950’s, he’s 80 now but still travels home every year.  Thank you.