40. Herb Robert

No 40
Common Name: Herb Robert. Closely resembles Shining crane’s bill (Geranium lucidum) both of which are in the Geranium Family
Scientific Name: Geranium robertianum
Irish Name: Ruithéal rí
Family: Geraniaceae
Habitat: grows on banks, bases of walls, shingle and shady places
Uses: Herb Robert, or what was once known as Saint Robert’s Herb, was named after a French monk who lived in 1000 AD, who has cured many people suffering from various diseases using this plant. Used to create medicine for many health ailments
According to an article in The Healing Journal, scientists, herbalists, and botanists have discovered that Herb Robert grows especially abundant in areas that have high radiation levels (which include under hydro lines). It is believed that Herb Robert absorbs the radiation from the soil, breaks it down and disperses it.

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