Killeagh Cemetery Records

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Memorial No Inscription on Gravestone
001 Erected by Owen Reilly in memory of his dearly beloved wife Delia Reilly daughter of Brian and Mary Lynch Ballinagranchy who died 22nd Feb. 1896 Aged 34 years May her soul rest in Peace
004 Erected by Paul Clarke in memory of his daughter Mary Clarke who depd. this life June 12th 1826 Aged 17 years
005 This monument was erected by Thomas Donoghue in memory of his brother Peter Donoghue and of his son Patrick Donoghue who died Nov. 29th 1827 Aged 22 years.  Also in memory of himself
0010 Erected by Thomas Carroll of Liverpool in memory of his brother John Carroll who depd. this life July 11th 1841 Aged 21 years
0017 This stone was erected by John Lee in memory of his father Luke Lee who depd. March 21st 1830 Aged 73 years. also his mother Anne Lee depd. July 4th 1823 aged 70 years his brother Thomas depd. July 4th 1829 aged 27 years.  May the Lord be merciful to the soul of Bryan Lee who depd. Oct 25th 1830 aged 60 yrs also Briged Lee depd. July 24th 1827 aged 28 yrs.
0020 O Lord have mercy on the soul of Ann Smith who died Oct 10th 1853 aged 27 years.  Erected by her father William Smith to perpetuate her memory.
0028 Have mercy O Lord on the soul of Edward McEnally who departd this life October the 8th 1812.  Aged 52 yrs.  This stone was erected by his son Owen McEnally of Loughcrew.
0030 Pray for the soul of William Conaty died 1856 aged 81 years also his wife Ellen died 1861 aged 80 years also the wife of Owen Conaty died March 23rd 1889 aged 75 years and his son Charles died in America.  Erected by Owen Conaty of Roebuck.
0031 Erected by Rev. Luke Tormey Pastor of Carson City Nevada US of America in loving and grateful remembrance of his father Luke who died 1861 aged 46 years also his sister Anne died 1861 aged 17 years.  R.I.P.
0034 Hugh Early died June 30th 1828 Aged 49 His wife Mary died August 21st 1838 aged 42 also his Father John died March 17th 1844 Aged 104.  James died 1858 Aged 48 years.  John died 1875 Aged 104.  Hugh died 1877 aged 58.  Erected by John Early of Manchester son of the dear Hugh.
0037 IHS of your charity pray for the soul of Daniel Bennett who died 12th April 1898 aged 27 years a precious one from me has gone a voice I loved is still a place is vacant in my home that never can be filled and of Bridget Nulty who died 21st April 1891 aged 75 years R.I.P. erected in loving memory of her dear son and her mother by Bridget Bennett Oldcastle.
0038 This stone was erected by Thomas Murtaugh and his sons in memory of his wife Mary Duffy who dpd. this life April the 2?th 1807 Aged 60 years.
0039 In loving memory of Peter Clark who died 30th July 1873 aged 78 years also his wife Mary Clark died July 3rd 1888 aged 80 years also their son Matthew died January 10th 1908 aged 71 years.
0041 Erected by Mary Sheridan in memory of her father Richard Sheridan who died Dec. 14th 1834 Aged 60 yrs.  Also his wife Margaret Sheridan alisa Smyth died March 9th 1844 aged 66.  Mary Murta died Dec. 23rd 1813 aged 67 also Owen Sheridan died August 5th 1823 aged 77 yrs.  Requiescant in Pact. Amen
0048 Erected by Hugh & Michael Reilly in memory of their father Thomas Reilly who died Feb. 1805 aged 42 yrs.
0055 This monument was erected by Pat Chapman in memory of his son Thos. Chapman who depd. this life March 19th 1853 Aged 27 years.  Requiescant in Pae.  Amen.
0057 Erected by Joseph Smyth of Ballinacree in memory of his wife Ann Smyth who died April 1854 aged 60 years.  May she rest in peace.
0061 This stone was erected by Mr. Christopher O’Reilly of Williamstown as a memoir of his forefathers here interred and to perpetuate their memory.  Nequidultra.  Anno Domini 1779
0062 Pray for the soul of the Revd. Mr. Bartholemew Reilly who was Pastor of Killeagh and Kilbride 42 years and depd. this life Jan. 19th 1782 Aged 82 yrs.  And also for the soul of ye Revd. Mr. Owen Reilly his nephew who died March 29th 1784 Aged 29 yrs.  Ered. by Mr. Hugh Reilly in memory of his brother and son.
0063 In loving memory of Patrick Lynch Polakeel Mountnugent died Feb 21st 1895 Aged 66.  Erected by his son Thomas Albany New York
0064 Pray for ye soul of Mary Caffry who died August 15 1849 aged 16 at sorrow
0065 Pray for ye soul of Mary Cafry alias Keernan who died Jan 7th 1744-5 aged 50 also for John Cafry
0066 1808 James Briody
0067 1807 Thomas Allen
0068 This stone was erected by John Rice in memory of his father and mother Mary Rice died September the 17th 1777 Aged 70 yrs James Rice died January the 5th 1780 in the 68 year of his age
0071 Pray for ye soul of Patrick Murray who died Dec 11th 1760 aged 80
0074 Have mercy O Lord on the souls of Edward Magin and his wife Judith.  together with those of their two sons Peter and Michael and also that of their Grandson Thos. Magin who died April 15th 1870 aged 12 years.  Erected by their son James Magin as a token of respect due to their remains.  May they rest in Peace.  Amen.
0080 Pray for ye soul of Bryan Finnen who died April 1730 age 67
0082 Pray for the soul of John Keirnan who died Jan. 1756 Aged 64 yrs. and his wife Rose keirnan who died march ye 19th ’76 Aged 55 yrs Also their children William and Margaret.  Erected by their son James
0083 Erected by Michael Smyth In Memory of his Mother Honor Smyth who Dpd. August 15th 1787 Aged 72 yrs Also his brother Bryan dpd. October 26th 1813 Aged 63 years.  May they Rest in Peace
0085 Of your charity pray for the eternal repose of the souls of Patrick Masterson and Anne his wife who lie buried here.  Also for the soul of Michael Mulligan who died 23rd October 1805  His son Thomas died 21st April 1883 Aged 33 years.  R.I.P.
0086 This stone was erected by Elinor Finning in memory of her husband Philip Finning who depd. this life July the 10th 1785 aged 65 yrs.  Of your charity pray for the souls of the above and for their son Philip who died march 20th 1851 Aged 75 years. and his wife Mary nee McCabe who died March 23rd 1823.  R.I.P.
0089 Pray for ye soul of Laurence Magee who died April ye 15th 1741 Age 55
0090 This stone was erected by James Sheridan in memory of his wife Mary Sheridan who died Feb. 1796 Aged 49 yrs also his son Owen who died June 25th 1802 Aged 20 years.  James Sheridan of Aughavon who died 1872 Aged 71 years also Owen of Castlepark who died 1877 Aged 63 years.
0091 Erected by Mrs Philip Sheridan Dungimmon House in Memory of Michael Sheridan of Castlepark who died March 19th 1850 Aged 78 years also his wife Margaret who died October 20th 1867 aged 75 years also their son Philip of Dungimmon House who died June 24th 1889 aged 62 years.  R.I.P.
0092 Erected by James Gibney of Moate in memory of his son Thomas who died April 12th 1850 Aged 28 years also his son John who died Nov. 26th 1851 aged 25 years.  May they rest in peace.  Amen.
0098 This monument was erected by James and William Farrelly in memory of their father Michael Farrelly who died March ye 15th 1806 Aged 66 years.  For them and their posterity.
0099 Pray for the soul of James Carroll who departed this life the 21st of August 1784 Aged 24 years  Erected by his uncle Michael Caffrey & his father William Carroll.
0103 Pray for ye soul of Walter Cunnegan who died March 4 : 1766 age 70
0105 Pray for ye soul of Catherine Sheridan alias as Bogg who died March 1746 age 59 Patrick Sheridan died May
0106 Erected by Richard Sheridan to the Memory of his father John Sheridan who departed this life 19th December 1867 aged 82.  Requiescant in Pace.  Date 20th Day of May 1871.
0107 Pray for ye soul of Patrick Callechan who died June 26th 1752 aged 33.
0108 Pray for ye soul of Ally Flood who died March.
0109 Gloria in Excelsis Deo.  Erected by William Gibney of Moate in memory of his mother Margaret who died 29th April 1863 Aged 41 years.  Also his father Michael died 2nd February 1882 aged 65 years.  R.I.P.
0110 Pray for ye soul of Patrick Scally who ………  Also Margaret ……………….
0113 Pray for ye soul of Will Scally died sber the 24th 1741 aged 63
0114 Pray for ye soul of Bryan Danely who died January 7th 1758 aged 48.
0115 Here lies the body of Ane Donnelly who died March ye 3 * age * 14 y * 1845
0116 Laurence Gillick of Rahever died in Gallonbawn the 1st Nov. 1838 Jane his wife died the year previous.  Grant them O Lord Eternal Rest.  Erected by Mary G. Reilly of New York and the other children of those deceased.
0117 Erected by Laurence and James Gillick in memory of their father and mother also their brother Patrick who died March the 26th 1854 aged 30 years.  Also James’s son Patrick died March the 13th 1855 aged 5 years.
0119 Pray for ye soul of Edmond Flanagan died Feb 1749 age 58 Peter Flanagan died ……
0120 Gloria In Excelsis Deo.  Erected by Terence and Hugh Callery in memory of their father Pat Callery who died June 6th 1807 aged 49 years also Bridget Callery wife to the above.  Terence who died 8th of May 1837 aged 50 years.  Also their mother Margret Callery who died 23rd Feb 1843 Aged 85 years.  Requiescant in Pace.
0121 This stone was erected by Patrick Kellery in memory of his father Mother and Posterity his mother Mary Kellery alias Ferilly died Jan. 4th 1774 Aged 42 years his father Terence Kellery died Jan. 1st 1775 Aged 48 yrs.  May they rest in Peace.  Amen.  Also 1791 Hugh Kellery …………………
0122 Philip Callery who depd. this life 7th 1807 aged 73.  Also on the soul of Rose Callery who depd. June 17th 1838 aged 29 yrs.  May they rest in peace.
0124 Erected by William Gilsnean of Moate in memory of his father Hugh Gilsnean who died May the 21st 1811 aged 73 years.  Also Elizabeth his mother died March 13th 1817 aged 70 years
0125 Erected by James Boylan of Dungimmon in memory of his mother Margaret Boylan who died June 2nd 1832 aged 80 years.  Also his father Charles who died May the 9th 1843 aged 105 years.  His wife Catherine died Oct. the 27th 1855 aged 60 years and his daughter Margaret died Dec. the 5th 1855 aged 27 years.  May they rest in peace.
0128 O may celestical light perpetually shine on the soul of Matthew Rielly of Dungimmon who died June 10th 1836 aged 74 years.  Also his son in law John Rielly who died Nov. 14th 1838 aged 60 yrs.  Also his wife Catherine Rielly who died Jan. 9th 1841 aged 74 years.  Erected by his sons Christopher, Thos, John and James Rielly as a token of respect due to them.  May they rest in peace ……….
0132 Erected by Patt. McCabe in memory of his loved wife Bridget McCabe who depd. this life Sept. 28th 1842 aged 52 years.  May they rest in Peace.  Amen.
0133 A Croide ro-naomta Iosa dein Trocaire ar anam.  Maol Muire Nic Caba a fuair bas an 9ad Ia de deire Fogrnair 1902 ar anam a ingine.  Eiblin a fuair bas an 6ad la de bealtaine 1918 ar anamaia a atar a mater a dearbraitreac agus a bean Maire a fuair bas 24ad Meiteam 1937.  Ar deis de go rait a n-anamracha go leir.
0134 Pray for the soul of Thomas Smith who departed this life July ye 25th 1756 aged 52
0138 This monument erected by Thomas Smith to his wife Cathrin Smith alias died ……… 6th …76 aged 7…
0145 Sacred to the memory of Patrick Reilly and his beloved wife Catherine of Ballymacad.  The former died 20th May 1850 aged 84 years.  The latter died 4th May 1835 aged 52 years.  Requiescant in Pace.  Amen.
0146 This stone was erected by Patrick Reilly
0148 Erected by Michl Brady in memory of his father Terence who died March 25th 1813 aged 89 yrs also his mother Margret who died Nov. 2nd 1801 aged 62 yrs. also his daughter Margret who died May 4th 1829 aged 19 yrs.  Requiescant in Pace.
0150 Erected to the memory of Ann Sheridan who died Oct 7th 1858 aged 16 yrs.  Catherine Sheridan who died Oct 17th 1860 aged 52 yrs.  R.I.P.
0151 Erected by Doctor Sheridan to the memory of his father Bryan Sheridan who died May 1st 1827 aged 84 years also his Mother Rose died Nov. 15th 1831 aged 82 years and his brother Patrick died May 3rd 1811 aged 35 years.  Requiescant in Pace.  Amen.
0152 Erected by Bernard Sheridan of Oldcastle in memory of his beloved son Bernard who died October 28th 1844 aged 20 years. Deaths fatal flash that melts the monarchs vage
And bursts the hinge that hangs the jaring age
Deaf to the widows and the orphans cries
Led gentle Bernard to his nature skies
…… ortal go and lend a passing sigh
….. lived and learned like him to die
0009 Pray for ye soul of Daniel Sm.
0010 Pray for the soul of Bridget Carney who departed this life January 4th 1761 aged 21.
0013 For ye ……………….
0014 Lord have mercy on the soul of Bridget Smith died 1870 age 74 years her husband William died 1871 aged 84 years; Patrick died 1886 age 88 years; his wife Margaret died 1892 age 76 years Philip died 1896 age 88 years.
0016 Pray for the soul of Patrick Smyth of Crossdrum who died 23rd March 1890 aged 34 years.  Erected by his beloved wife Julia Smyth.  R.I.P.
0018 ………………… Parted this life Marc H22 17 …………….
0019 Pray for ye soul of Mar…. Cunegn died 1766 ……………
0020 ……….. for ye .. ul of John Lynch who died April ye 1st 1762 aged 57
0025 Pray for the soul of William . e.acy .…………………………………..
0027 Lord have mercy on the soul of Mary Smith who died April 22nd 1871 aged 35 years.  Philip Smith who died March 26th 1880 aged 78 years.  Owen Smith who died May 24th 1894 aged 60 years also Philip Smith Jun. who died Oct 24th 1894 aged 34 years.  Michael Smith died Nov 27th 1907.  Patrick Smith died March 13th 1918.
0028 Erected by Michael Ivers for him and his posterity
0030 …………………………………… au………………………….. Requiescant in pace au
0033 This stone was erected by Patrick Muldoon of Ballyneil.  In memory of his Father Edward Muldoon who died June the 21st 1772 aged 78 yrs and also his Brother James Muldoon who died Sept 29th 1772 aged 33 years.
0035 Pray for the soul of ……………………………………………
0036 Pray for ye soul of Magy Cuinnecan who died 7ber ……. 1756 age 52 erecd by ……………
0153 Pray for the soul of Patrick Sheridan who died May the 16th 1752 aged 43 years also his wife Honora Sheridan who died April ye 26th 1782 aged 67 years.  Erected by Bryan Sheridan.
0154 Have mercy O Lord on the soul of Bartle Sheridan of Greeve who died January 3rd 1870 aged 90 years and also on his wife Mary who died November 1st 1846 aged 56 years.  Erected by their son Rev. B. Sheridan M.A. Madras, India.  May they rest in Peace.  Amen.
0155 Erected by Bryan Reilly of Grieve in memory of his Father Patk. Reilly who depd. this life May 10th 1801 aged 48 years and his brother Mathew Reilly who depd. Jan. 16th 1895 aged 30 years.  also his Mother Bridget Reilly alias Lynch aged 81 years also Mary Reilly aged 21 years.  May they rest in peace.
0157 Pray for ye soul of Bridget Reilly who deceased 8 br. Ye 12th 1774 aged 63 yrs.
0158 Erected by Hugh Reilly in memory of his son John Reilly who died May 22nd 1899 aged 28 yrs.  Requiescant in Pace.
0160 Erected by Patt, John & Bryan Hennesy in memory of their father Patt.  Hennesy who died 27th of Dec. 1812 aged 55 years also their mother Bridget Hennesy who died 17th of March 1863 aged 77 years also their brother James Hennesy who died the 2nd of August 1859 aged 49 years.  Pray also for the soul of the above Patk. Hennesy of Castlepollard who died January the 4th 1866 aged 15 years also the above Bryan Hennesy who died May 23rd 1868 aged 37 years.  May they rest in Peace.  Amen.
0161 Pray for the soul of James Henesy who depd. this life may the 6th 1801 Aged 57 yrs.  Erected by Michael Murphy.
0163 Pray for ye soul of John Fegan who died Feb. 17th 1754 aged 88 also for Mary Reilly died June 24th 1762 aged 72. Thomas Fe…  ….. 15th 1739
0164 Pray for ye soul of James Fegan who ……………………
0165 Pray for ye soul of Catherine Fegan who died November ye 9th 1759 aged 20.  Her sister died December 15th 1750 aged 17.  Erected by Charlie Fegan.
0166 Erected by Ellen Brown of Tubrid in memory of her husband Patrick Brown who died 25th of February 1874 aged 65 years.  Requiescant in Pace.
0167 May celestial light perpetually shine on the soul of Mrs. Julia Mulvey of Ballymacad who died June the 10th 1841 aged 56 yrs.  Her daughter Margret died June the 25th 1847 aged 18 yrs.  Her daughter Ann died July 31st 1847 aged 20 years.  Her son Peter died Feb. the 26th 1852 aged 28 years.  Also her daughter Catherine died Oct 24th 1854 aged 45 years.
0168 Pray for ye soul of Mulvey who died 9th 1741 aged 58 also ………………….
0169 Pray for the soul of Rose Smith of Lismacannican who died on the 26th of February 1889 aged 66 years also Patrick Smith who died June the 28th 1894 aged 77 years.  R.I.P.  Erected by her husband Patrick Smyth & Children with fond regards to her memory.
0170 Pray for ye soul of Peter Smyth who died August ye 21st 1773 aged 60 yrs.
0171 Pray for the soul of Bryan Smyth who deceased March the 20th 1774 aged …………………..
0172 Erected by Edward Cathrin Cumisky Alias Flemming in memory of her husband Patrick Comisky who departed this life December the 9th 1707 aged 52 yrs.  Also his son Bryan Comisky who departed this life Sept the 15th 1800 aged 21 yrs & his son Thomas & Pastirey.
0002 Erected by Luke Lackey of Oldcastle in memory of his Father Owen Lackey who died July 21st 1810 aged 71.  Also his mother Jane who died Feb. 3rd 1803 aged 67 yrs.  Also his wife Rose Lackey alias Gorman died Dec. 20th 1830 aged 42.  His Brot. Simon died Dec. 22 1820 aged 83 years.
0004 in memory of Anne Smyth who died the 14th of July 1892 aged 66 years.  Also her husband John Smyth who died the 13th Dec 1902 aged 86 years.  The wife of John Smyth Maria died the 17th March 1927 aged 56 years.  Her husband John Smyth died the 7th March 1941 aged 84 years.  R.I.P. Erected by their son John Smyth Ballinacree.On the bottom of the stone:
Their sons Joseph died 16th September 1973 aged 70 yrs.
John Died 18th November 1975 aged 77 years who was the last person to be buried in this cemetery.
0005 This stone was erected by Philip Smith in memory of his wife Mary.
0043 This stone was ordered by Philip Hanly for his son Thady died 10th 1756.
0044 This stone was erected by Barlel Hanly for his son Thomas Hanly ……
0045 Pray for ye soul of Thomas Hanly died ……………. 1740 ……………….
0046 Lord be merciful to the soul of John Muldoon of Oldcastle who depd this life the 5th of January 1818 wife Bridget depd this life the 20th of Decr. 1853 and their daughter Annedepd this life March 1823 and their son John depd this life the 8th of June 1854 and their son Michael depd this life the 14th Aug ….
0048 This stone * Burial Place belongs to Patrick Bogg * Hi ………………………………..
0049 Pray for the soul of Daniel Murphy who died 1772 age 57 * of Bryan Murphy
0050 Pray for the soul of Alice Smyth of Bolies died May 3rd 1891 aged 77 years.  R.I.P. erected by her brother Christopher Smyth.
0055 Pray for ye soul of Mary Reilly who died July ye 30th 1747.
0056 This stone was ered by Bryan Reilly for him and his posterity. Pray for the soul of Anne Reilly who departed this life August the 6th 1773 aged 5 yrs and also Hugh Reilly.
0059 Erected by Michael Murray of Enagh to perpetuate the memory of his father Patrick Murray who depd this life 20th Oct 1792 aged 79 yrs.  His mother Mary Murray who depd 24th Aug ……………………….  76 yrs ……………………………………….. Muray ………………………………….
0060 Pray for ye soul of Bridgett Murr …………………………………
0061 Pray for ye soul of Pe ……………………………
0062 1785 This stone was erected by Edward and Michael Tuite also Patrick and Mathew Tuite in memory of their father John Tuite who departe dthis life March the 6th 1784 age 54 years.  Also his father Patrick Tuite who departd this life September the 22nd 1745 aged 41 yrs.
0064 This monument was erected by James Reily and Reily In memory of their affectionate father Terrance Reily who departed this life the 13th day of March in the year of our Lord 1757.
0065 Erected by Paul Reily in memory of his father Philip & Mother Catherine his wife Mary & son Bryan who died a… the 14th 1811 and Elizabeth the wife of said Bryan who died June 4th 1810.
0066 Pray for the soul of Judy Reilly who died May 17 1757 aged 77 erected by John.
0067 Pray for ye soul of Catherine Fegan who died 7th ye 12 1753 aged 13 yrs erected by her father John Fegan.
0068 Pray for the soul of Hugh Masterson who departed this life March ye 17th 1764 age….., L… e Masterson
0071 Pray for the soul of James Caven Hiltown died July 1888 aged 76 years.  His son John died July 1884 aged 14 years.  His son James died June 1885 aged 12 years.  Erected by his wife Mary Caven R.I.P.
0072 Pray for the soul of Madgy Tuite who died ……………………………….
0073 Here lie the body of Anthony Oetaug who died Oct ………………………………
0075 Pray for ye soul of Bryan Reilly who died 9br 23 1761 aged 30 also ……………………..
0077 Pray for ye soul of John Flood who departed this life June 27th …………………..
0078 Here lies the body of John Nugent * W…. died * August the 12 day * in the *22 year of his age ….. anno……
0079 Sacred to the memory of Thomas Nugent of Mount Pr…….. who departed this life the 17th April 184.  Aged 82 years.  Also here interred ……………………… Ellen Dempsey Esqr Mountprospect who died Dec 29 1877.  Redeemed.  Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.
0080 This small token of esteem was erected by M…… also of Mt Nugent to perpetuate the memory of his grandfather M. James Nugent of Greeve who departed this life April the 22nd 1759 aged 82.  Also his grandmother Mary Nugent who departed this life Feb ye 7th 1753 Aged 59 yrs his Uncle John Thos Nugent who ……………………………………………….
0081 Pray for ye soul of Laurence Mennaly who died February … Y…. 1744….. age 34
0082 Pray for the soul of Laurence Gibney who died March 1890 aged 78 years also his wife Mary died May 1883 aged 66 years.  Erected by their son Owen R.I.P.
0086 Have mercy O Lord on the soul of John Brooks died 4th Jany 1881 aged 65 years.  His daughter Bridget died 1875 aged 24 years.  His wife Catherine died 13th July 1894 aged 84 years his son Michael died 22nd July 1897 aged 48 years.  Erected by his daughters Anne and Mary.
0087 Erected by Patt & James Martin in memory of their mother Elenor.  She died in June 1832 aged 65 years also Rachel Martin alisa Nugent wife of the above Patt who depd. Febry 1834 aged 37 yrs.  May they rest in Peace.
0088 Erected by Thomas Gibney of Dungemon in memory of his wife Catherine who died 5th Jan 1848 Aged 50 years Requiescant in Peace
0091 Pray for ye soul of Tom Fegan who died Feb ye 7 1753 age 19 Also Bridy Fegan died 7ber 27 1767 16 yrs
0092 This stone is erected y Edward Halpen of Oldcastle in the year of our Lord 1778 for himself and his posterity
0093 Pray for ye soul of Charles Mun…y who died March ye 8th 1759 Aged 25 yrs
0098 Thy will be done pray for the soul of Patrick Heery of Tubrid died 14th Feb 1910 aged 73 years his daughter Julia died 22nd August 1887 aged 16 years and his infant son Bryandied 1876  RIP erected by his loving son Michael Heery
0100 Lord have mercy on the souls of Thomas Briody and his wife Ellen Rocke of Balinrink he died 9th September 1843 Aged 77 years She died 27th of October 1863 Aged 82 years  May they rest in peace Amen  Erected by their son Peter Briody to perpuate their memory
0101 Have mercy O Lord on the soul of Hugh Tighe of Ballymacad died 2nd Febry 1874 age 54 years his wife Mary died 1st Febry 1864 age 33 years his brothers – Michael died August 1851 age 41 years Owen died 13th Novbr 1885 age 78 years and Bryan died 14th Octbr 1888 aged 80 years RIP
Michael son of above Hugh Tighe died 30th Novbr 1915 aged 61 years RIP
0102 Pray for the soul of Patrick Tighe who died June 27th 1841 Aged 75 years  Also his wife Mary died Sept 29th 1842 Aged 59 yrs and his brother William died July 9th 1842 Aged 77 years  Erected by their son John Tighe State of Indiania America in memory of them
0105 This stone was erected by Patrick McGaughran in memory of his father and mother Terence & Margaret Reilly  Also his two wives Margret Briody & Elizabeth Grifin  May they rest in Peace
0109 Pray for the soul of John Daily who died ano 1734 age 67 also Fr. Edmond Daily …………….
0110 Pray for the soul of Laurence Cafrey who died March 1769 age 68 erecd by John Cafry
0111 Pray for ye soul of Nelly Kelly alis Smith who died April 1755 age 60 also for Patrick Kelly who died 8br 31…7 age 30 yrs  Erected by William Reilly
0114 Erected by CharlesJas and Owen McEntire in memory of their father  Mother and in order to point out their burial place to Posterity their Faith  Patrick died may 9th 1817 Aged 72 yrs their mother Ann McEntire alias Reilly died March 22 1832 Aged 74 yrs  May they rest in Peace Amen
0115 Pray for the soul of John …. are who died Septmbr 5d 1745 Aged 60 Erec ……………………………
0119 Erected by James Sheridan In memory of his Father Peter Sheridan who depd April 3rd 1832 Aged 73 years also his Mother Anne Sheridan alias Smith depd Augt 7th 1828 Aged 70 years his Bror Michael depd June 6th 1829 Aged 24 years  Requiescant in Pace Here lie the remins of the above named James Sheridan who depd 7th of Octr. 1841 aged 44 yrs
0136 1807 Thos Cullen
0137 This stone was erected by Thomas Cullen May ye 1st 1807 Pray for the soul of Bryan Cullen who departed this life July the 23rd 1809 Aged 60 years also his sister Catherine Cullen who departed this life March the 8th 1808 Aged 62 years
0141 Lord have mercy on the soul of Sylvester Brady of Tonagh who departed this life April 14th 1873 aged 63 years also of his son James Brady who departed this life August 28th 1881 aged 23 years  Erected by his sons Thomas and James
0142 Pray for the souls of Michael O’Brien of Moate who died 13th March 1874 Aged 69 years  Also his beloved wife Julia died 26th of January 1871 Aged 65 years And their beloved son Michael died 7th July 1865 Aged 23 years  RIP
0147 Lord have mercy on the soul of James McDonagh depd A.D. 1837 Aged 70 yrs


Memorial No Inscription on Gravestone
001 In Loving memory of James Nathaniel Hone of Balymacad Oldcastle who died 15th April 1918 Aged 45 years
002 In loving memory of Lt. Colonel Alan James Minchin Kilroy OBE of Castlecor (Late 36th Sikh Regt. I.A.) died 26th Dec. 1974 in his 78th Year
003 In loving memory of George Walmsley died 1911 and his wife Anne died 1906 and their son George died March 6th 1948 (thy will be done)  erected by their daughter Hanah
004 In loving memory of William Ernest Edward Kilroy born 12th Sept. 1892 died 23rd Aug. 1973 2nd son of William Wesley Kilroy and Annie Maxwell Kilroy and his beloved wife Louise Emily Madeleine Kilroy (nee Waldron) born 10th Jan. 1904 in Athboy died 3rd July 1985 in Dublin
005 In loving memory of Richard Snell of Tully who died 24th August 1904 aged 70 years and of his daughter Mary Anne Jane who died 8th December 1903 aged 30 years also of his beloved wife Mary Anne who died 27th 1915 aged 82 years
006 In loving memory of Richard Anthony Kilroy born 27th Feb 1895 died 8th July 1971 and of his beloved wife Martha Jane died 13th April 1968
007 In loving memory of Thomas Kiernan Moate died 5th Spet 1945 his wife Margaret died 1st July 1971 their sons James died 30th Nov. 1941 Herbert died 12th Nov. 1985 Harry died 2nd Jan. 1996 Daughter Lily Browne “USA” died 4th November 1999  Ann F died 1st September 2000 son Thomas died 24th May 2001
008 In loving memory of Thomas Matthews who died 13th September 1902 aged 73 years and his beloved wife Eliza Rowan Matthews died at Rathmay Dec 1909 aged 78 years and his daughter Arabella who died 18th April 1915
009 In loving memory of William Welsley Kilroy died 6th May 1931 aged 75 his wife Annie Catherine Maxwell died 25th July 1924 and his sister Susan Kilroy died 27th January 1922
010 In loving memory of Archibald Montgomery Toomey born May 24th 1858, died Oct 17th 1928 and Nina Nagle his wife born June 29th 1868 died Dec. 19th 1930  They were loving and pleasant in their lives in death they were not divided
011 In loving memory of Henry Sherwood who died June 13th 1903 age 66 years also his wife Elizabeth Sherwood died May 8th 1932 aged 76 yrs their daughter Elizabeth Sherwood died 26th May 1942 aged 58  Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord revelation XIV Chapter XIII Verse

Recorded by:  Yvonne Gammell, Stephen Gammell, Nicola Tighe and Lisa Hussey
This project was under taken as part of a FAS Student Summer Job Scheme.